Genealogy in the bishopric of Würzburg

Genealogy in WürzburgHow much do you know about the history of your own family? Do you have ancestors, who emigrated from the Würzburg area (i.e. bishopric of Würzburg) to the US? Do you need advice or help collecting more information?

I can help your genealogical research by investigating the local archives. Church books, for instance, contain plenty of data as to the lives, deaths and origins of our forefathers. Beyond that, you can learn more about their professions, their social status and the history of their hometowns.

I can trace your ancestors in parish registers of the Würzburger Diözesanarchiv (DAW) and tell you more about their lives by means of baptism/birth, marriage and death records. I transliterate the hand-written (sometime hardly legible) documents and summarize the results in a clearly arranged data sheet. As a matter of course, your data is kept in confidence.

Genealogy in Würzburg
“Wohl dem, der Seiner Väter gern gedenkt, der froh von Ihren Taten, Ihrer Größe den Hörer unterhält und, still sich freuend, ans Ende dieser schönen Reihe sich geschlossen sieht!”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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